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    【】7320ADT:0512-62923652 629236510512-62923653:18912792856 18912792857 QQ:276703622 895199975,N

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    0.25C、16SPI ADT7320 Rev. PrD Information furnished AnalogDevices reliable.However, AnalogDevices itsuse, nor anyinfringements otherrights thirdpa

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  • ADT7320 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices

    The ADT7320 is a high accuracy digital temperature sensor that offers breakthrough performance over a wide industrial temperature range, housed in a 4 mm × 4 mm LFCSP p

  • ADT7320/420 Temp Sensors

    ADT7320 / ADT7420 Temperature Sensors Accurate, 16-bit digital SPI and I²C temperature sensors from Analog Devices The Analog DevicesADT7320 and ADT7420 are hig

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    Shenzhen Huayuanshitong Technology Co., Ltd. Supplier or Manufacturer on Alibaba.co that they don't work electronically to manufacturers specifications, pls return them to us fo

  • ADT7320 (AD) PDFADT7320 IC Datasheet

    ADT7320/ADT7420 Temperature Sensors FEATURES Supports the ADT7320 and AD and can be used for remote temperature measurements in oil baths or ovens where the

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    ±0.25°C Accurate, 16-Bit DigitalSPI Temperature SensorPreliminary Technical Data ADT7320 Rev. PrC Information furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurate and